John J. O'Sullivan™ (jjostm) wrote in saintoftheday,
John J. O'Sullivan™

An Anglican Catholic P.O.D.cast

For those of you who may not know, Apple's lovely MP3 player "iTunes" now has podcast capability. This is very exciting—there are many wonderful programmes available through this new neat-O method of information distribution.

Because I'm an insane Anglo-Catholic nutter, I've decided I want to provide the world with a podcast. In particular, I'm offering a podcast with readings taken from the Anglican Breviary. Every day, a reading based upon the life of a saint or the backround of a feast will be read, along with the requisite scriptual readings taken from the Office of Mattins.

If you're looking for a neat little addition to your daily scriptual discipline, this may assist. At the very least, you'll get to hear yours truly at wit's end, trying to put together a first show.

Point your podcast-enabled copy of iTunes here:

Thank you.

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